Where’s the “Why” when Steve Leaves Apple?

Where’s the “Why” when Steve Leaves Apple?

I recently read a great book titled Start With Why by Simon Sinek, and it clearly outlined the importance of Steve Jobs’ leadership in establishing not only Apple’s dominance in product innovation that has almost single-handedly pushed every needle possible in technology since the 1980’s, but also in establishing a purpose, a stated vision for Apple, their “Why”,  that created brand loyalty among millions who can’t even at times explain “why” they had to have a Mac or “why” they’ll stick with an iPhone no matter what else is available.

Steve Jobs
Steve Jobs

I know “why” I use an iMac for my real estate business here in Steamboat Springs, CO – because it allows creativity to be taken to a whole new level at my personal computer.  Editing on Final Cut Pro for all of these videos and also editing the photographs for all my listings.

Apple inspired technology has transformed the way we all do business in real estate, how we keep in touch with clients, friends, family and where we do business. How many of you have done a listing presentation on the fly with your iPad without missing a beat? Any company with a strong “why” has a leader committed to fueling that “why” and keeping it top-of-mind day in and day out. Steve Jobs was that guy. Because of the culture he created within Apple, and the marketing campaigns that let us all “in on” how irreverent, cutting edge and hip Apple is – remember the “I’m a Mac and I’m a PC” TV commercials – Apple has a loyal customer base of millions. How do those millions break out, well here’s a snapshot:

* 275M plus iPods sold since 2001

* 100M+ iPhones sold since 2007

* 25M+ iPads sold since 2009

* 30 Billion+ downloads from Apple’s iTunes Store since 2003

Apple’s technology inspired its competitors to innovate to remain competitive, which allows every one of us to conduct business in minutes rather than days…remember waiting for an overnight FedEx with the contract it contained?  We are all better business people, better real estate agents because a whole lot of people decided to jump on the Apple bandwagon and embrace the technology it has to offer due in part (perhaps without even knowing it) because those people wanted to be part of the Apple mystique. Now that the man who created that mystique, that hip and cool “why” Apple exists, has resigned and we can only hope that the “why” and the vision is maintained.

Simon Sinek Book
Simon Sinek Book

 The ray of hope is that Steve Jobs plans to continue being involved in the business as Apple’s chairman. Why should we all hope that this role affords him an ongoing voice in Apple’s direction? Well, the reality is that Apple has created hundreds of thousands of jobs and forced its competitors to do the same in order to keep up. In this time of economic uncertainty, we need industry leaders to remain innovative, to invest in research and development, and yes, to give us that air of confidence that the next technological breakthrough is just around the corner and the cool new iProduct is going to bring it to us.

Apple Store
Apple Store

As for Steamboat Springs, CO – well we may not have an Apple Store, but we have the Apple certified Mac Ranch where we can buy our Apple products and also get repairs done on those unfortunate days when we wake up ready to go, but our iMac doesn’t.

 —For more information on real estate in Colorado or questions regarding Steamboat Springs real estate in Steamboat Springs, Colorado, feel free to call me at 970-846-6435 or write me an email at: charlie@steamboatsmyhome.com.Regards,



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