Coffee Shop Doubling as Craigslist 2.0? On Steamboat’s Wish List!

Coffee Shop Doubling as Craigslist 2.0? On Steamboat’s Wish List!

Steamboat Springs’ coffee shops are fantastic but “Coffee and Power” is not one of their menu items yet. I heard about this new website,, through 1000watt Consulting. They are great about keeping a pulse on what’s up and coming, and this new site, is on their “watch” list. is a new online service ramping up to connect people offering their services with those who need help with small projects. Be ready to go beyond the online realm though as takes it a step further to facilitate a face-to-face meeting with a person you might end up working with.

The Urban Grind in Portland, a C&P Meeting Place
The Urban Grind in Portland, a C&P Meeting Place

Coffee and Power (great combination don’t you think?) sets up “workclubs” in local coffee shops where people can meet face-to-face to exchange information quickly about jobs they need help getting done and conversely services that can be provided. To date, only Portland and San Francisco have operational “workclubs”, but expansion is inevitable.

As a real estate agent I think this concept is intriguing as there are times when my “to-do” list is filled with things that should be done, but aren’t necessarily where my time is best spent, but a full-time assistant is not in my budget. On the flip-side, 1000watt Consulting posed an interesting idea – with all the hats we real estate agents wear, what’s to keep us from offering our services in this forum? We are well versed in many areas from negotiation to time management to neighborhood/area knowledge as well as market analysis and social media. What’s to say real estate agents couldn’t offer a menu of a la carte services to consumers who are busy enough in their own daily lives that they are willing to pay for someone else to take something off their to-do list? And who knows, your next client may be a Coffee and Power home shopping “expert” someone else has hired to do the home-finding legwork for them!

Coffee & Power: The New Craigslist 2.0?
Coffee & Power: The New Craigslist 2.0?

It’s always prudent to keep an eye on up and coming trends, and as the world gets more mobile and online savvy, business dynamics are bound to change. Being on the leading edge of these changes will ensure you stay ahead and remain relevant to current and future clients.

—For more information on buying real estate or questions regarding Steamboat Springs real estate  in Steamboat Springs, Colorado, feel free to call Charlie at 970-846-6435 or write me an email at:





Originally from Seattle, Washington, Charlie relocated to Steamboat Springs with his wife Carol and their son, Finn, to become a Steamboat Springs realtor eager to share the joys of Colorado. Charlie is a second generation realtor and is proud to be a member of Steamboat Sotheby's International Realty in Steamboat Springs, Colorado. After graduating from Whitman College in Walla Walla, Washington, Charlie worked in the high-tech industry in Seattle for several years before deciding to follow his father's lead and began his career in real estate. Working for Windermere Real Estate in Seattle, Charlie had a great, innovative career in the highly competitive Seattle market before moving to Steamboat in 2005 and delving deep into Steamboat Springs real estate. At Steamboat Sotheby's International Realty, Charlie has become one of the top agents with his innovative style and tireless perseverance.
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